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The following gallery links take you to 54mm worlds connected to All the King's Men, or just worlds of my own making. Click the pictures below to see these additional pages.

Workbench is an ever-changing page of images of my latest works in progress. These pictures are a monthly prelude to the images that you'll soon see on the "Completed Projects" page. Here's a little glimpse into how figures go from bare plastic or metal to finished products, plus a behind-the-scenes peak at ATKM itself.

Painting 54mm Toy Soldiers is a step-by-step tutorial where we at ATKM demonstrate our process for painting figures. Hopefully this page offers some tips, but feel free to write with your own.
In conjunction with Painting Toy Soldiers, we offer Painting 54mm Horses. It details the steps we use to prep and paint our plastic horses.
Conventions is a travelogue of all the shows we attend as ATKM. Here you'll see pics of the show, games we hosted there, our vendor booth, and the lovely Gina Cliffe working hard. (She's very patient with all this foolishness.)
Wargame Scenes is a record of various miniatures games I and others have played, whether at ATKM HQ or at shows. Some of these didn't even involve us, hosted by great artists and supporters. These games often use the "ATKM" rules, but if they don't they're still 54mm!
ATKM Original Figures is dedicated to other pictures of our products that you don't get to see on the wider website. These our own work, but also the creations of fans and hobby luminaries.
1830s Canadian Rebellions is a completely self-indulgent page. It shows my long-standing collection of 54s for wargaming the Upper and Lower Canada uprisings of the early 19th century. These aren't ATKM products, and aren't for sale. I just can't help but put them online.
Fenian Raids is perhaps even more self-indulgent  than the Canada Rebellions page. After the ACW, Irish soldiers invaded Canada to hold it hostage for a free Ireland. Seriously. Check it out. Once again, these are my own collection, not connected to ATKM, and not for sale.

Products on this website are for adult collectors. Products are cast in white metal and are not for children under the age of 14. Items also pose a choking hazard.

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