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American War of Independence


All the King's Men is pleased to announce the release of brand-new cavalry miniatures for the AWI! These are a definite milestone for us, fully rounding out our Revolutionary offerings. What toy soldier army is complete without cavalry?

These 54mm sets have been designed for versatility for the wargamer and collector. Each box consists of 8 riders and horses (6 troopers, an officer and a bugler). Perfect for use with the "ATKM" wargame rules, or for any game or display shelf.

Through a combination of two different kinds of rider bodies, three different arms, and several different heads with unique headgear, it's possible to create at least 10 different regiments from the war:

British & Loyalists

Tarleton's Legion Cavalry

British 16th Light Dragoons

British 17th Light Dragoons

Queen's Hussars


Continental Light Dragoons (in helmet)

Continental Light Dragoons (in bearskin crest)

Lee's Horse (pre-1780)

Lee's Horse (post-1780)

Pulaski's Legion Cavalry

Armand's Legion Cavalry

Each set consists of riders from a single regiment. You simply pick the kind you like and you get a whole troop! We even include an extra arm at rest in each set for conversion purposes (penant-bearer, anyone?), and include two extra heads.

The two basic sets from which all regiments are composed.

Riders are cast in white metal. Horses are cast in plastic to avoid the weight of metal mounts. Eagle-eyed collectors will recognize these horses as Classic Toy Soldier products. ATKM has made special arrangements to include these excellent models in our sets. Finally, metal bases have been custom-designed to fit the horses in each set, giving riders and horses stability and security. Superglue makes an excellent bond between all plastic and metal parts. We use it exclusively for our own sets, and subject them to rough handling in wargames and at conventions.

Each set is available for $40 USD, plus shipping. See shipping rates at the bottom of the Home Page, here. All of these figures come unpainted.

To order, click the Order Online scroll to the right.

Individual ($10 each) and painted figures ($25 each) are also available. See the Order Online page for details.

But enough talk. Here are the figures! Be sure to come back soon as we add yet more pictures to this page.

Tarleton's Legion
British 17th Light Dragoons
British 16th Light Dragoons
Queen's Hussars
Continental Light Dragoons (helmet)
Continental Light Dragoons (bearskin-crested headgear)
Lee's Patriot Horse (pre-1780)
Lee's Patriot Horse (post-1780)
Pulaski's Legion Cavalry
Armand's Legion Cavalry
                Horse Casualties 1 (plastic)                             Horse Casualties 2 (plastic)

Products on this website are for collectors. They are not toys. Products cast in white metal are not for children under the age of 14. Items also pose a choking hazard.

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