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Wargame Scenes

Here are pics of large-scale wargames in action. This is the real, 54mm thing. If this doesn't inspire people to get into the "One True Scale," I can't imagine what would. Click on images to see them full size.

Mark N recently played this War of 1812 game using his ATKM collection and rules. If you can't tell, Mark is an excellent painter.
His terrain is also exceptional, right down to the ground sheet!
Eric K ran another AWI game with his sons. It was Patriot militia against a smaller, British elite force a la Lexington and Concord, with some extra bells and whistles. The British won this time, but fun was had by all.
MillenniumCon 2014 has come and gone, and there were several ATKM games run. Pics are scarce, but I got these of a Big Game staged by some great ATKM supporters. As you can see, it was a big-ass game that looked awesome!
Dave B sends these shots from an ATKM game he played with the Potomac Wargamers. Dave and the guys use 28mm figures, as you can see. They're beautiful, as is the table!
This is the Battle of Monmouth. In this case the Patriots under General Lee held their ground before Washington arrived, and inflicted heavy losses on the British column, which was fleeing was Philadelphia for New York.

Gabe M sends these pics of his ImagiNations game against buddy Spencer. It's the Battle of Gohfeld using BMC figures and the ATKM rules. Great fun! You can see the whole report on Gabe's blog (click here).

Buddy and GM Extraordinaire Bob Lehman was at Fall In back in November at Lancaster, PA. The show theme was the War of 1812, and Bob and his son Matt ran a Battle of York game using ATKM figures and rules. The Lehman boys always put on amazing games, and this one is clearly no exception.

UK supporter Chris H. and his gaming group recently hosted an ATKM game at SELWG. It's a War of Spanish Succession battle fought in 28mm. Just goes to show the ATKM rules can be used for various scales without changing a thing! Check out the cannonball coming out of that muzzle blast. Amazing work, guys!
Buddy Boyd and his gaming group have busted out their homegrown Captains & Kings rules to play Freeman's Farm from the American Revolution Battle of Saratoga. The guys used their ATKM figure collections for the game, making for some awesome battles. My understanding is this is a playtest of a game they'll run at Recon (Florida) in April 2014.
Supporter Glynn G recently sent these pics of an All the King's Men game set up in his man cave. American Revolution forces are about to fight it out in what looks to be a spectacle of a battle.
Glynn's collection is mostly plastic from various manufacturers, with some ATKM metals thrown in here and there. Excellent wargame table and painted troops, Glynn! I really like those Hat Prussians done up as dismounted Brunswick dragoons.
Good supporter Spencer recently ran a game inspired by the Seven Years War Battle of Minden, using the All the King's Men rules and his collection of 54mm plastic figures. They were primarily BMC/Americana. From Spencer: "The card-based activation system resulted in a rather slow and cautious initial phase as both sides jockeyed for position.  This was followed by several rounds of nail biting as each side sat through streaks and dry spells of card-drawing. The allied right flank (commanded by yours truly) almost completely collapsed under a French cavalry charge, only undone at the last minute by a rash of cards in my favor which saw the French cavalry blown to bits by Hanoverian artillery.
Buddy and GM extraordinaire Bob Lehman was in town recently, and came by the ATKM HQ. We got in an ad hoc game. Don't look for any rhyme or reason to the troops. They're a mix of War of 1812 with French heavy cavalry in an ACW-esque setting. One of our main goals was to playtest some Napoleonic mass-cavalry rules, which we honed nicely and that played great. My cuirassiers successfully charged his infantry, which failed to form square, and who were driven back into a mob. I tried to recall my cav afterward and failed, so they were left dangling out there as easy pickings. Bob charged one of my infantry units with his medium cav and I failed to form square in time. While my infantry retreated in good order, he successfully recalled his cav to their rally point behind his lines. Otherwise, Bob absolutely whooped my ass.
Good supporter and friend Matthew G sent in these pics of an awesome ATKM game he and some friends played. Matthew actually games with his John Jenkins collection, in this case the French & Indian War range. The game looks great. A true toy soldier spectacle!
ATKM recently made an appearance at local game store Tower Games Center in Suwanee, GA. Good supporter Fred O, his buddy Greg and I got together to play an ACW games. Most of the figures were Fred's with a little ATKM help. We had a good time moving troops and rolling dice!
Good friend of ATKM, Steve Miller recently hosted a game at his local store. It was somewhat improvised -- Battle of Plywood Field -- but it looks like the guys had a good time. Thanks, Steve!
Longtime supporter Matthew Grove introduced his son to wargaming ATKM style with this awesome French & Indian War setup. Yes, Matthew games with John Jenkins figures! What a great looking game. I understand Matthew took a whooping, as would be right and just.
Buddy Mike came into town once again, and we re-foguht the Battle of Camden -- twice! We used the ATKM rules and this battle setup. As happened in history, American General Horatio Gates fled the field in both games. We made the mistake of giving the Americans too many supporting generals, however, so that it actually became a fair fight.
Mike and I both tried being the British in separate games and both lost! It was downright difficult to face a larger American army with the command structure we had given it. Plus, the British themselves were largely composed of loyalists rather than line troops. On a 3rd re-fight, we'd allow the Americans no supporting generals other than Gates (and anyone who takes up his mantle after he runs off like a coward).
Buddy Mike came by a while back. He, the Lovely Gina and I played a game using the ATKM rules and my Canadian Rebellions collection. The scenario was a homebew called "Traversee du Diable" (The Devil's Crossing), set in the 1838 parishes of Montreal. French-Canadian Patriotes set up an ambush for oppressive English troops. The Lovely Gina and I shared command of the French. She set up her troops first, then Mike did to oppose Gina, then I did on a third table edge (rolled randomly) as the "hammer."

The whole thing was rather tongue-in-cheek, with character qualities drawn for our generals. Mike was Lord Cockburn, hated by his own men (he suffered a penalty for activating troops outside command radius). Gina was Pierre Douche, otherwise known as "Quel Grand Douche," an infamous coward incapable of removing disorder markers from units for fear of being shot by the enemy. I was the only one to draw a favorable trait, Orator. I inspired the men with rousing speeches and got a bonus for rolling command points each turn. My name among my beloved men was "Le Belle Bouche."

All troops were rolled randomly on pre-arranged charts. The English had 8 units, a mix of infantry, cavalry, artillery and skirmishers. They were primarily regulars with a little militia and guard. The French forces had 7 units each, with a similar mix of troops, but almost all were French-Canadian miltiia. A couple American "Hunters" came up to deliver liberty as "regular" skirmishers. The tree stumps you see here and there are home-made dials that keep track of units' casualties, allowing the ATKM rules to be used with group-mounted figures.

Dallas-Fort Worth's Skirmish Day was held again recently. Good ATKM supporter Steve Miller was there, hosting American Revolution games with his excellent figures and terrain.
I believe Steve put on mutliple games, all themed on the Battle of Miller's Crossing. Pun intended, I'm sure! Thanks, Steve. The games look great, and I'm sure everyone had a blast.
Fellow Atlantan Fred Ollinger came over to ATKM HQ recently to pick and American Revolution fight. His Continental collection went up against my British. It looked like the Brits had the lead, until he made the game a stalemate with guard French defending a fenceline. The British crashed four units against that position only to resort to a cavalry charge that broke both the French and the cavalry. Hence the tie!
Scenes from a big AWI game played recently at Phoenix Games in Buford, GA. Most figures were ATKM, as were the rules. Each side had approximately 18 units. The table was 16 feet long and 4 feet wide.
The British left and American right really tore it up, but the battle was decided on the other side of the field with the Americans gaining a narrow victory. Four of us played in about 2-3 hours.
Council Fires is an old wargames show in Southern Ontario brought to new life by ATKM buddy Dave Hoyt. The lovely Gina and I attended in early October 2011, along with master game masters Bob and Matt Lehman. The Ohio boys brought their AWI collection and terrain to create a massive table. These shots only offer a glimpse of the spectacle.
Buddy Mike was in town a while back, so we busted out my Canadian Rebellions collection to fight a fictional battle called Trois Bouleau (Three Birches) Inn. The French-Canadian Patriotes defend the inn while rebel leaders makes plans inside.
The British and loyalists have learned of the Patriote gathering and strike out to capture its leaders. They swarm the inn and drive off many of the dissidents, but ultimately fail to capture the escaping rabble rousers.
In the summer of 2011, friend of ATKM Steve Miller staged the Battle of Cowpens at Games Day in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He used the ATKM rules, with our figures supplemented by plastic ones. Steve won Best of Show and Best Painted Army. It's pretty clear why -- he does awesome work! Congrats, Steve!
A fictional War of 1812 battle played recently between Buddy Mike and I.
The British got an early advantage by getting a gun in place to pound the advancing Americans.
But advance the Americans did, to the point that they closed with the British en masse and knocked out the British center.
Huge supporter and friend of ATKM, Bob Lehman recently sent pics of his collection of painted 1812 figures thus far, set up on his game table.
They're all so good, I couldn't bear to cut any, so here they all are!
As you can see, Bob is a master painter and terrain-maker. His games are always spectacles!
The first game ever played with the ATKM collection of our new War of 1812 line. Mike was the Americans and I (Ken) was the Brits. He whooped me!
Woodland Indians attack at dawn!
US Dragoons catch the Indians out of position
Face off at the farm -- US skirmishers vs regulars
Infantry slugfest
Harassing Glengarries in the hay field
19th British Light Dragoons charge US Rifles
US Dragoons smash the British and Canadian line
An ATKM game staged by Dick Caldwell and his Maryland crew. Dick paints up some great figures, and has matched our figures up with other manufacturers' plastics for a great looking American force!
More images from Dick's game. It looks like a good scrap, complete with cavalry sneaking onto the Patriot flank. And look at those LEDs that imitate musket fire! Awesome!
Bob & Matt Lehman's superb ATKM game hosted at Historicon 2009. Look at that scenery! The guys playing had a blast, testament to the Lehmans' showmanship.
Cold Wars 2009 hosted by Bob and Matt Lehman, and Dave Hoyt
Cold Wars 2009 hosted by Bob and Matt Lehman, and Dave Hoyt
Bob Lehman's awesome game table with an ATKM setup.
"The Battle of Trenton" hosted by Edgar Pabon and Jamie Peterson at Hurricon 2008, using the ATKM rules
"The Battle of Trenton" hosted by Edgar Pabon and Jamie Peterson at Hurricon 2008, using the ATKM rules
ATKM demo game staged by Gail and Webb Pierce at Hurricon, 2008


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