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ATKM Original Figures

This page is a showcase of painted ATKM figures in our own collection, or from our wonderful supporters. Look for us at a convention and check these figures out firsthand. We use them extensively for demonstration games and as table decoration.

Painting force of nature Bob L shares these pics of his AWI Queen's Rangers. These are the legion's highlanders, grenadiers, battalion men and light infantry.
This is a Continental army painted for customer Ed Y. Here they are assmebled in all their glory.
The Hermitage, birthplace of Andrew Jackson and now museum dedicated to his memory, contacted me to acquire some War of 1812 era miniatures. They wanted to offer them in their gift shop to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans -- a siege staged 200 years ago as of this writing! The above figures are mounted militia. I put them on TSSD plastic horses when I realized how well the riders and mounts would go together.
Customer Joshua L wanted a command figure of General Herkimer moments before his death. The tree in the background is the one on which he'll live his last moments.
This set of Patriots underwent several head swaps for separate heads in our line, to create a diverse unit in hunting shirts.
To make this AWI patriot artillery set unique, I took off the heads and replaced them with ones in leather caps to create a Rhode Island battery. Some of the crew were also replaced with ensigns normally part of our Queen's Rangers, adapted to be gunners.
Here's a toy soldier interpretation of Patrick Fergsuon at  the Battle of King's Mountain, as requested and brainstormed with customer Joshua L. His right arm is in a sling from a previous wound, and he wears a good deal of civilian clothing, but we added flourishes of martial dress from his regular unit, the 71st Highlanders. The bonnet is a prime example.
This mounted general was converted by giving him a left arm normally from our ACW line, with a cuff added from greenstuff.
Ed Y ordered a set of Continental infantry, to which I did some head conversions -- the standard ones were cut off about half the set, and replaced with separate heads from our AWI line. Looks like a whole new unit, all from the same basic figures.
Also for Ed are these New York light infantry, whose uniform was captured from British supplies. The red coats were dyed brown, with green facings and white linings removed and sewn back on after dying. I figure the drummer would have kept his green coat to be in classic reverse colors, only with red facings retained. Ed will flock all his troops so they match his existing collection.
Customer Bob B posted these pics of his work on an ATKM Army in a Box, acquired from someone else's collection, and brought to life. Bob does lovely work! You can see his blog posts on the subject by clicking here. A second post is here.
Every year customer Marc N commissions a diorama dedicated to his hero Richard Montgomery, general of the Continental army in the American Revolution.
This year's scene was a particular challenge: Montgomery's death while attacking Quebec. The challenge was getting attackers, defenders, a blockhouse and artillery all on the same display board and in the same small display case.
Here are the results, a mixture of plastic figures from various manufacturers, along with some ATKM pieces. The blockhouse was scratch built. I would like for it to have been taller, but the diplay case imposed limits. This scene will be on display in September in the Montgomery, NY museum.
Buddy and talented painter Rod F sends in these pics of his growing AWI Continental collection. They are the Pennsylvania Rifles, a mounted general, and Haslet's Delaware Regiment, from left to right. Rod does some awesome work, with no small amount of converting on Haslet's boys.
I have been hard at work blending together my AWI collection originally painted over a span of 7 years. It needed an overhaul to blend everything together. I used a black-varnish treatment and added static grass to all the bases. These are some shots of the Patriots. The figures are mostly ATKM, but I have added some from other manufacurers.
Likewise, here's my updated British, Hessian and Loyalist army. Once again, almost all ATKM figures, but there are some conspicuous suspects from other manufacturers, like Cornwallis on the far right. He also got a varnish. Sacrilege, I know!
Buddy and good supporter Steve M sends in these pics of his burgeoning Napoleonics collection, including ATKM, Italeri French hussars (plastic), and Victrix French flank companies (also plastic). Awesome troops and terrain, Steve!
For months during 2013 I painted a Napoleonic Russian army for customer Tim A. That project is finally complete, and here are pics of the assembled force.
The army includes 6 infantry units, 3 cavalry, 3 artillery, 2 skirmishers units, and 1 mounted general.
The majority of these are metal figures from Black Cat. My understanding is they're no longer available in metal, but Harold at BC does offer plastic versions of the infantry.
The cavalry is a mixture of plastics from Armies in Plastic and Italeri, in some cases on DSG horses.
Tim plays "All the King's Men" games. Hopefully he'll send some pics of these troops in action against the French I painted for him in 2012.
These Russian Chasseurs a Cheval go to customer Tim A. They're Armies in Plastic riders with Black Cat metal heads (converted by me). The horses are DSG, which ATKM carries.
These Napoleonic Russian formed jagers are by Black Cat. While jagers might not have carried colors, regiments awarded the Cross of St George certainly did (there's historical precedent for even jagers to have done so). Their all-green uniforms really make them pop.
The Surrender of Montreal is now complete. The scene is mounted on a rustic board, and ready for display under glass. It's a mix of several different manufacturers' figures, plastic and metal.
If you're near Montgomery, NY, you can actually visit this diorama on display in city hall courtesy of its patron Marc N.
The first set of Napoleonic Russians are complete for customer Tim A. These are Black Cat castings acquired by Tim and sent straight to me for painting by Harold at Black Cat.
Customer Cohen B ordered a Southern Campaign Army in a Box for the American Revolution. Here are some shots of the assembled Army in a Box with all its accoutrements. Pretty sexy, I must say.
These troops are led by the AWI folk hero Daniel Morgan, rough and tumble mountain man of the Colonial South.
A large collection of AWI British Legion troops has been completed for customer Cohen B. These figures all required re-tooled heads taken from our 1812 line to make the approriate Tarleton headgear.
Some uniforms are speculative, like the round-about jackets used by these infantry, but little historical data is available on what these guys actually wore, so these fellas could be spot on!
Here are some shots of the complete British Legion Army in a Box, now in Cohen's possession.

These boys are ready ready to re-fight Waxhaws or Cowpens, with Tarleton himself in charge

(far right).

Here is the final result of a display piece built for a customer. He wanted a scene of American General Montgomery leading the troops to invade Canada in 1775. The space left as exposed wood on the end of the base will be covered by an engraved plaque. Painting by Tim Green of TN. Base by ATKM.
These gentlemen are our Napoleonic-era French painted as Nassau infantry from the Battle of Waterloo. No particular conversions were necessary, just paint!
A customer wanted a couple cavalry sets for his Waterloo Allied army. I immediately thought of these two sets. Here we have British Light Dragoons from Italeri. A great set of plastic figures, with lots of style and compelling detail. I opted for these figures over own own BLD because I wanted them to look like these...
Scots Grey! I mean, what more iconic cavalry can you get from Waterloo? French cuirassiers, maybe. Maybe! These are Call to Arms riders on Italeri horses. I went with CtA plastic riders because Italeri's kind of look goofy to my eye. I dunno; it's just a weird set from them. Italeri's Scot horses are fantastic, though! The pennant bearer is perhaps unhistorical -- they say no banners were carried into battle -- but I couldn't resist the conversion.
Rounding out our Waterloo customer's French forces are dragoons by Italeri. These are plastic riders and horses. I haven't painted these figures before, but really enjoyed working on them.
Friend of ATKM David Crenshaw painted up these excellent Lieb Hessians from the American Revolution. Check out that ticking on their leggings! Madness!
Freelance painter Adam Pratt did up a set of AWI British light infantry for us. I really like his style of painting and use of washes or perhaps dips for shading.
Very talented artist Phillip Flockhart painted a set of AWI British infantry for us, and took these outstanding pics of them in an improvised diorama. He achieves fantastic textures with the brush. These gents will join the lights, above, to form a painted ATKM army.
A longtime customer's painted AWI project continues, this time with American attackers at the AWI Battle of Stony Point. American light infantry stormed British defenses, among the attackers the so-called Hercules of the Revolution, Peter Francisco (right). These are a combination of ATKM and plastic figures from various manufacturers.
AWI Battle of Long Island British and Hessians
These AWI British Grenadiers were painted by Adam Pratt at Fineline Studios.
Pics of these awesome fellows come from friend-of-ATKM Steve Miller. Steve has created forces for the Battle of Cowpens. These are just some of the Americans.
And these are just some of the British, includiong the dastardly Tarleton and his legion cavalry. Steve will be using these troops to run "ATKM" games at an upcoming Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas convention.
Rebels at the Battle of Long Island
War of 1812 US Rifle Bugler
War of 1812 US Infantry in felt shakos
AWI Americans and French at Yorktown
1812-15 French Infantry Grenadiers
War of 1812 RMA Rocket Battery
Our new French as painted by John O'Brien. Here's more.
AWI British at Yorktown
AWI Mounted General, here painted as British

US Rifles painted by

Fineline Studio

Vintage ATKM British for our own 1812 collection
A Del Prado French officer converted to US officer (from the ATKM private collection)
War of 1812 US Light Artillery
Woodland Indians
AWI Continentals painted by Adam and Alex at Fineline Creations
AWI French Infantry
British Grenadiers
Queen's Hussars
Lee's Legion Skirmishers
Continentals on Campaign
Siege Gun with British Crew
Siege Gun with Patriot Crew
Siege Gun with Hessian Crew
Tarleton's Legion Foot
3rd Continental Dragoons dismounted
21st Infantry of Foot

16th British Light Dragoon


Pulaski's Legion

17th British Light Dragoon


Highland Officer
Late-war Highlander
British Light Infantry
17th British Light Dragoons
17th British Light Dragoons
Hessian Artillery w/ 3 Pounder
British Artillery w/ 6 Pounder
Hessian Artillery w/ Naval Gun
Continentals w/ 6 Pounder
6 Pounder
Naval Gun
4th New York Infantry
Tommy Lobster
Hessian Colonel von Rall
Hessian Color Bearer
Hessian Musketeers
Hessian Musketeers
Jagers in winter gaiters
British LIght Infantry converted from ATKM Cont Lt Inf
British Light Infantry bugler conversion
Continentals on Campaign
King's Loyalist Infantry
Hessians on the March
Hessian Artillery at Work
British Guard
Continental Militia
Continental Artillery
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Continental Marines
Continental Infantry
Continental Marines
Continental Light Infantry
Continental Light Infantry
Marines painted as British on Campaign
Click here in order to enlarge image.
General Washington
British Infantry
British Infantry
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Continental Ensign
Continental Infantry
Continental Command
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Continental Rifles
Continental Command
Battalion Gun (3 pounder)
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Hessian Colonel Von Rall
Hessian Artillery
Hessian Artillery Crewman
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Hessian Artillery Crewman
Hessian Fusilier
Hessian Grenadier
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Click here in order to enlarge image.
Hessian Officer
Hessian Jagers
Hessian Ensign
AWI Infantry by Don Helwick
Gina Cliffe's 1st painted figures
Tarleton's Legion Cavalry by David Crenshaw
AWI British Lights by David
Steve Williams sent in this pic of his British general. I like the 5' o'clock shadow he does.
Our Napoleonic British -- cav and infantry -- painted by Nicholas Cameron. He used Del Prado horses!
Scenes from Dick Caldwell's Lexington and Concord game using the ATKM rules and figures. Other figures are from various plastic manufacturers.
War of 1812 British painted by John O'Brien
AWI French painted by John O'Brien
ATKM War of 1812 Americans as painted by John O'Brien. You can see his web page here.
The latest ATKM figures painted by renowned toy soldier artist John O'Brien. You can see more on his website here.
John O'Brien British Infantry
John O'Brien Highland Officer
John O'Brien British Light
John O'Brien's Hessians
John O'Brien's Officer
John O'Brien's Jager
John O'Brien's Fusilier
John O'Brien's Grenadier
John O'Brien's Musketeer
John O'Brien's Musketeer
John O'Brien's Continentals as various regiments
John O'Brien's ATKM Cavalry
ATKM troops painted by Edgar Pabon (Florida)
Bob Lehman's painted ATKM figures, including (L to R) DeLancy's Brigade, Hessian fusiliers and jagers

Hessian Musketeer

Painted by Bob Lehman

Hessian Musketeer

Painted by Bob Lehman

ATKM 13th Virginia painted by Brandyn Charlton of PA

Eric Kopp and his sons fighting it out AWI style
The 2nd Mass by Don Helwick  


Products on this website are for adult collectors. Products are cast in white metal and are not for children under the age of 14. Items also pose a choking hazard.


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