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As long as I can remember, I’ve been a collector of 54mm (1/32nd-scale) miniatures. I remember painting them in the backyard as a kid on summer days in Canada, and lining them up in the garden to be lost among the bushes and flowers. If you’re a kid at heart whose passion is still little metal men, you’re among friends.

Having “grown up,” my skill and experience at creating, converting and painting miniatures has grown as well. And now that passion is a business run by an enthusiast for other nostalgic enthusiasts.

I’m cracked, but I love this hobby.

Ken Cliffe

The following are my latest creations this month, all finished. Check out the Workbench page for previews of what’s underway and that will appear here next month. Updates are made here on or near the first of each month, so check back often.

The Rall regiment of Hessian grenadiers from the Battle of Trenton. They were re-named after their new colonel in the wake of the battle, when the deceased Rall was replaced.
Here's the whole Hessian brigade I did and made available back at Recon. These guys looked pretty sweet (I think) and sold right away.
Buddy and 54mm ambassador Steve M sent in some pics of his AWI collection, assembled for a game he ran in Texas. These are just some of the troops, and just the ATKM-specific ones.
Clearly Steve does terrific work, and his collection is the envy of all coolest kids -- this one included.
Now here are some AWI plastics from other manufacturers, painted by Bill D (left) and Glynn G (middle and right). Bill demonstrates how plastics can be modifed to fit the wood bases and move trays we offer. Glynn's figures actually involve some ATKM parts thanks to head swap conversions.
Joe H sends these pics of his ACW troops -- metal Rebels and Federals from ATKM. Joe does a great job with the classic toy soldier look.
Toy soldier mogul Chuck Mason shows off his conversion skills with these Hat figures combined with the carabinier heads we used to offer by license.
Some more plastics converted with ATKM heads, this time by English supporter Brian M. He makes these black troops come to life!
Chuck has the true creator's eye, as you can tell.
The following are other recently completed sets of our figures, now added to the ATKM collection.
Just a reminder that we finally have one set of split-rail fences for 54mm figures. These are the same models we once offered in resin, but those were hard to keep in supply or to find casters able to make them. Now they're back, but in metal -- and for the same price as resin! You can see the details on our Terrain page.

Click on thumbnails to see larger images.

Products on this website are for adult collectors. Products are cast in white metal and are not for children under the age of 14. Items also pose a choking hazard.

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