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All the King's Men is a miniatures company by a collector, for collectors. It focuses on 54mm (1/32nd scale) figures for display and wargaming, offering everything from original miniatures to Nejlepší Casino CZ game rules to terrain pieces. Feel free to explore this site for new offerings available nowhere else, for pictures of customers' collections, and for painted pieces for sale. Please contact me, Ken Cliffe, owner of ATKM, with any questions or comments.


All the King's Men products are intended for adult wargamers and collectors, not children under the age of 14.




No really, our final new split-rails!

Okay, we've had some trouble the past few years offering a consistent style of split-rail fence for 54mm miniatures. There were ones actually made of wood that were discontinued by the manufacturer. We made our own in resin, which proved way too hard to produce in numbers. Then we carried some good ones from Pegasus Hobbies, but they weren't as dynamic as the ones we made. But now the ATKM original fences are back and cast in metal! That means we can produce them reliably, and we've kept the cost the same as ever -- $20 for 6 pieces. That means 2 feet of fence made of sturdy metal for only $20! You can see and order them on our Terrain page.



We offer figures lines for various periods in history. Click on any of the images below to visit each page.

The American

Civil War

America's bloodiest war was fought on its own soil, brother against brother. This line of 54mm miniatures commemorates the Civil War. Just click the Yankee general, left, to visit the page.


The Napoleonic

Wars 1812-1815

This 54mm line is Napoleonic Europe, 1812-1815, when Napoleonic's star began to flicker and the assembled forces of the Continent sealed his fate. Just click the eagle bearer, left, to visit the page.



The War of 1812 in America!

Check out our army sets and bagged figures, based on the Napoleonic-era war between  Britain and the United States. Just click on the British general, left.


The American Revolution

Our first and most comprehensive line of 54mm miniatures! Our AWI series includes everything from infantry to artillery to cavalry, British, Patriot and Hessian. Just click George to the left to visit the AWI page.


You can order items online from most pages on this site, or get ordering information here. That page also lists shipping information and rates.


Army In A Box"Army in a Box" is the feature offering from All the King's Men. It preserves the tradition of buildings, diorama accessories and dozens of 54mm miniatures all in one set, all based on one era of history.

In fact, we take that tradition a step further, bringing the army set fully into the 21st century by including complete wargame rules for use with your forces, including the game tools you need to lead an army into battle. No more wondering what to do with your soldiers once you've set them up. Just click the scroll to the right to see what the rules are like!

Each set consists of all the figures you need to field a fighting force. That means each battle is actually inspiration for two Army in a Box playsets, one for each side of the conflict.

We currently offer Army in a Box sets for the American Revolution and War of 1812 in America. In addition, we offer indivuidual battalions, separate game tools, and terrain pieces for all eras.

Products on this website are for adult collectors. Products are cast in white metal and are not for children under the age of 14. Items also pose a choking hazard.

All the King's Men Toy Soldiers, LLC
Owned and operated by Ken Cliffe
2456 Hewatt Road
Snellville, GA 30039
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (770) 978-1645 (before 9pm EST)



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